Customer Board

Our customers not only communicate with us, they also push us to improve.

Our Customer Advisory Board commenced its work in 2017. As a committee, it represents gebana’s customers and serves as our sparring partner for the following questions: What do our customers really want to know? What do they demand in terms of product ecology? What do “Worldwide direct from the farm” and fair trade mean to them? What products do they want? How could ordering from gebana be made easier?

The Customer Advisory Board is intended to challenge us and scrutinise our activities. At the same time, it should be there to help us whenever we run the risk of becoming too inwardly focused.

The Customer Advisory Board is currently made up of six members, who were chosen at random from a large number of applicants. The members, who do not receive any pay for their work, take part in three meetings per year, in which we discuss topics such as sustainability and communication.